Every year on June 5, the world observes World Environment Day to emphasize that environmental protection and health are major issues that affect people’s well-being and economic development worldwide. According to the United Nations, “the celebration of this day provides us with an opportunity to broaden the basis for an enlightened opinion and responsible conduct by individuals, enterprises, and communities in preserving and enhancing the environment.”
The United Nations General Assembly declared June 5th to be World Environment Day in 1972. (WED). The first celebration took place in 1974, with the slogan “Only One Earth.” In the years since, WED has developed into a platform for raising awareness about environmental issues such as air pollution, plastic pollution, illegal wildlife trade, sustainable consumption, sea-level rise, and food security, among others. WED also contributes to changes in consumption patterns as well as national and international environmental policy.
The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is Ecosystem Restoration. Pakistan will act as global host of the day. World Environment Day 2021 will see the launch of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. Ecosystem restoration can take many forms: Growing trees, greening cities, rewilding gardens, changing diets or cleaning up rivers and coasts. This is the generation that can make peace with nature.

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