UNSIS Ambassadors Program

Our Ambassadors Is Our Hope! UNSIS Ambassadors Program is a community of UNSIS Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are our Super Power, they are doing their best for a bright world. They Help, They Support!

UNSIS has seven types of ambassadors,

  • State/Province Ambassadors
  • Division Ambassadors
  • Subdivision Ambassadors
  • District Ambassadors
  • Sub district Ambassadors
  • Local Area Ambassadors
  • Campus Ambassadors

Ambassadorship has its benefits


Best Ambassador will get recognition every 3 months & a calendar year.


Best Ambassador will get further opportunities provided by UNSIS.


After successful completion of your period, you will get a certificate.


The opportunity to become a Regional Leader.


The opportunity to become a Trainer & attend the different master training program by UNSIS Consultancy.


Recommendation to different corporate houses based on performance.

Responsibilities of Ambassadors

  • To control the area in charge
  • Event management of your Area/Campus
  • Maintenance of any programs at your Area/Campus
  • Maintenance of the Teams & Volunteers of your Area/Campus
  • Have great communication skills
  • Must be active in every UNSIS activity in your Area/Campus
  • To fulfill all the responsibilities of the members of UNSIS
  • Comply with all UNSIS rules and regulations
Are you think, you are the right person for this position?

Hello Ambassadors!

All Great Leaders have a big community. Our UNSIS Ambassadors have a great opportunity to build a big youths and students community by creating their area team. Our Ambassador Leaders can involve more students and youths with us as a part of their Area Team. So let’s start to reach out to your people to join one of the biggest students and youths community!

Patrory International
Patrory International

Be A Brighter

Patrory International is an international social organization for the welfare and self-development of the people and the community of Patrorians. Patrory International has a big community of Patrorians in different locations of the world. Every Patrorians has a worldwide communication with the Patrorians from different countries.