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Social development is about improving the welfare of every person in society to reach their full potential. The success of a society is linked to the welfare of every citizen. Then the development of society is very important for every human being. In line with this, Patrory International is playing a role in building a healthy and beautiful society through various developmental activities.

Iftar distributed by Patrory Mymensingh
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Iftar distributed by Patrory Mymensingh

Iftar was distributed among the students of Nurani and Hafezia Madrasa adjacent to Fulbaria Central Cemetery on April 30, 2021, with the implementation of the Patrory Mymensingh team in collaboration with UNSIS Bangladesh on the initiative of Patrory International. Local dignitaries were present at the time. During the event, special prayers were offered on behalf…

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Patrory International is an international social organization for the welfare and self-development of the people and the community of Patrorians. Patrory International has a big community of Patrorians in different locations of the world. Every Patrorians has a worldwide communication with the Patrorians from different countries.