Rabindra Jayanti 2021

Rabindranath a poet, novelist, singer, artist, and you name it. Bengali literature, art, and music were reshaped by this eloquent writer. Nobel prize in literature was won by him as the first Non-European in 1913 for his excellent creation “Gitanjali”. Reminiscing the birthday of Rabindranath Tagore Rabindra Jayanti is culturally celebrated every year. It’s one of the most important festivals for the Bengali people. Generally celebrated on 25th Baishak (in early May). Jorashako Thakur bari-The birthplace of Tagore remains busy with different types of cultural activities during this day. Numerous cultural programs and events are held. Songs, poetry, dramas, etc written and composed by Tagore are played by the school, college, and university students. It is largely celebrated in West Bengal mostly in Visva-Bharati University an Institution founded by Tagore himself for cultural, social, and educational upliftment.

Rosmia Majumder,
Content writer (Education Department)
UNSIS Bangladesh General Board 2020-2021

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