May 28 in 2019, our journey to UNSIS began. Seeing us, UNSIS entered its third year. The journey of today’s UNSIS begins with the hand of a group of young generations with the conviction of building an enlightened world free from unemployment and illiteracy.
Wherever the pace of society stops, UNSIS shows the way forward for our society. UNSIS has already taken good steps to bring the downtrodden children back into the fold of society.
Unemployment is a burden on society and all the steps taken to eradicate this unemployment and to support them have really been able to change the image of society.
UNSIS is working in all walks of life as well as outside the country. Today UNSIS is successful in its activities.
This is how we expect UNSIS to move forward. When a society comes to a standstill, UNSIS will work to change the context of the society again and again.
On this day, We would like to extend my sincere greetings and congratulations to all the members who have been by the side of UNSIS, who have supported UNSIS, and who are associated with UNSIS.
Happy 2 years Anniversary, United Students International Society-UNSIS!

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