If we decide to go into the reasons why our mothers should be celebrated every day, we will take the whole time in the world. A single day is not enough to adequately quantify the gratitude in my heart towards mothers. But as courtesy demands, on this day, I would like to show some reasons why we ought to give our mothers all the love and celebration they deserve.
This woman your call mother is the one who carried you in her belly for nine months, going through excruciating pain, losing her body shape, waiting for you as a baby to kick in her belly to remind herself that you were still inside of her. And the time she stayed at the hospital, even though the pain almost took her life away, she kept pushing because she wanted to see your face. If nothing else, we should be grateful to our mothers for this.
Mothers are the people who play the most significant role in our life. No matter what, she will build her dreams only around yours. She is the reservoir of unconditional love that makes us strong. She is the one who keeps us showing the right path in life at every stage. Mothers are forgiving, understanding, and caring in all facets of these words. She is also the one who teaches us the basic knowledge of life. “Make sure you wear clean socks.” “Do not move with such friends.” “This is what is right. Always do this.” Even though when we were told these words, we met them with disgust and disagreement, but we know and believe that all these are meant to mold us into responsible, respectable, and great human beings.
Mothers should be celebrated every single day. This day that has been set aside isn’t enough to appreciate the things they have done in our lives. Our mothers are the real heroes – the unsung ones.
So no matter, how busy you are busy with your work on Mother’s day take some time out and tell her how much you care about her. Don’t hesitate to let her know that. You do not need to express it in a grand way, rather a smaller one will do. A thoughtful gift or even a warm hug. On this Mother’s day to make your mother feel special and loved for whatever she has contributed to your life.
Love and cherish them, and remind them of this constantly – I love you, mom.

Marufa Jarin Shila
Content writer ( Education Department );
Unsis Bangladesh General Board 2020-2021

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