UNSIS Membership Program

UNSIS International is an international social program of Patrory International. For the student’s well-being and self-development, as well as the community of Patrojuniors (Ptj). UNSIS is dedicated to the people and a peaceful world. Our slogan — Proficiency, Development, Contribution.

Who can become a Patrojunior (Ptj)?

Patrojuniors are always dedicated to social services. Those who can become a Patrojunior (Ptj).
He/she should be,

A student must be aged above 14 years old or any students who is interested to make a professional career

Dedicated to the job of social organizing and skilled at it.

Ready to bring a difference in our own communities and around the world.

Ready to make new acquaintances both inside and outside of the neighborhood.

Prepared to pursue a career that is socially active.

Respectful and cautious about the innovative concept of assisting others and spreading kindness.

Respectful of the morality of all people on the planet.

Mentally prepared to forego personal happiness for the sake of improving the legal system.

Prepared to uphold all social principles.

Prepared to take the required actions to improve your communication skills.

To develop problem-solving, logical-analytical, and social-work skills.

Interested in learning about individuals from all around the world’s languages and cultures.

Membership has its benefits


Develop Social Lifestyle

Social networks provide people with a sense of belonging and safety. Patrojunior (Ptj)’s social lifestyles evolve as their social work activities progress.


Improve Management Skills

All Patrojuniors must improve their management skills in order to complete certain organizational tasks. There is nothing better than having solid managerial skills.


Increase Empathy

Patrojuniors learn to understand other people’s viewpoints on issues. They will be able to cultivate empathy in their daily skills in this way.


Develop Leadership

Leadership development is the process of enhancing a person’s ability to perform well in a leadership role.

Join or Charter a UNSIS Branch

UNSIS Club means UNSIS Branch in different places of a country. You can also be the Charter of the UNSIS Branch or Club to highlight the importance of your work.

Membership Awards

We value your time! UNSIS recognizes for your humanitarian works.
There are awards for our best Patrojuniors. Awards are also given to the members in a few sequences for their outstanding contribution to the path of building an enlightened world!

Get started today!

By becoming a member of UNSIS International, you will learn more about yourself. Working in social evolution through UNSIS International can help you strengthen your soft skills. You’ll have networking opportunities, and you’ll be able to establish good communication through connecting with varied groups of people from all over the world. By joining UNSIS, you will obtain leadership skills, management abilities, and other rewards. As Patrojuniors, we aspire to be self-sufficient and dependable. There is nothing more rewarding than learning to be a competent professional, observer, and critical thinker. Everyone who joins UNSIS International has the chance to acquire excellent etiquette and manners.

Contact Us

We have an expert and responsible team to support you and listen to you. Our team is looking for any queries from you. If you need any support from our 24/7 hours active team, don’t be hesitate to contact us.

Be A Brighter

Patrory International is an international social organization for the welfare and self-development of the people and the community of Patrorians. Patrory International has a big community of Patrorians in different locations of the world. Every Patrorians has a worldwide communication with the Patrorians from different countries.