Who We Are

UNSIS International is an international social program of Patrory International. For the student’s well-being and self-development, as well as the community of Patrojuniors (Ptj). UNSIS is dedicated to the people and a peaceful world. Our slogan — Proficiency, Development, Contribution.

We are Working for

Reducing Unemployment

Currently, the problem of unemployment is a curse for anyone country. It is a threat to any developing country.

Ensuring Proper Education

Education is the backbone of the nation. A nation cannot reach the pinnacle of progress if it is not educated.

Social & Self Development

Social development is about improving the welfare of every person in society to reach their full potential.

Providing A Better Life to Poor Kids

Today’s children are the future of tomorrow. Today’s children are the pride of our future world.

Ensuring Emergency Help

Patrory International is always extending a helping hand to people in any situation or any need.

Building A Peaceful World & Worldwide Community

The greatest expectation of Patrory International is to build a peaceful world.

The Benefits of Being A Patrojunior


Develop Your Career

For UNSIS, a career is linked to personal skill development and the development of social moral understandings. Patrojunior (Ptj) grows step by step every day with all work activities on the vast route of career progress.


Increase Efficiency

Patrojuniors are always striving to improve their efficiency. It is the attribute of being efficient, or of being able to complete a task with the least amount of time and effort; performance competency.


Receive Global Supports

Patrojuniors get more easily communicate and support in different countries. These provide Patrojuniors with a competitive opportunity to advance their professional careers. In the field of social work, nothing is better than global support from all over the globe.


Develop a Learning Culture

By joining UNSIS, you will have the opportunity to learn about a diversity of cultures from other countries and communities. This helps to understand that while culture differs from person to person, culture ultimately brings people together.

Find Your UNSIS Club.

UNSIS Club means UNSIS Branch in different places of a country.