Focused Mission of UNSIS for Future

In order to develop students’ leadership and accumulated a brighter future, UNSIS International believes in conducting socially impactful work for the world and for the nations of the globe. The focus of fulfilling the missions of UNSIS International will inspire all Patrojunior (Ptj) to work hard for the betterment of a worldwide community.

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Why choose Patrojuniors?

UNSIS International is a global social organization dedicated to societal progress. There are numerous reasons why to choose Patrojuniors:

  • Patrojuniors all are self-aware, dynamic listeners, and straightforward in their approach to their work.
  • They have a sense of fairness and decency that inspires them all.
  • Every Patrojunior (Ptj) is dependable in their duties.
  • Every Patrojunior (Ptj) is responsible for his or her task.
  • Patrojuniors are excellent networkers, communicators, and worldwide leaders.
  • Patrojuniors stand out in terms of both social and behavioral traits.
  • Every Patrojuniors is the most valuable member of the team.
  • The Patrojuniors people are reasonable people.
  • Possibility of becoming a world leader.
  • Patrojuniors are self-motivated to complete tasks that they enjoy.
  • Patrojuniors are all honest and hardworking.
  • Patrojuniors are analytical and critical thinkers.
  • Patrojuniors are excellent absorbers and researchers in the field of social work.
  • With the best resources of information and manpower, each Patrojuniors take informed decisions.
  • Professional dedication along with suitable etiquette and demeanor.
  • Patrojuniors work to promote social justice and provide social support to individuals.

Starting an UNSIS Club

UNSIS Club means UNSIS Branch in different places of a country. You can also be the Charter of the UNSIS Branch or Club to highlight the importance of your work. We have branches in different parts of the world, you can join our club or branch to enhance your humanity. Patrojuniors have sub-district, district, division, state, country-based branches or clubs. Find a UNSIS Club or Branch near you, otherwise, contact us to become a charter. We are looking for you!

Our Global Causes

The Patrorians are working on a number of projects around the world to permanently address our six Global Causes – unemployment, illiteracy, social problems, street children, emergency help, world anarchy – the tendency to build a world free of illiteracy, unemployment, poverty and anarchy is giving the Patrorians indomitable courage to solve six global causes.